Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make Makefile Tip #4: GNU Make Standard Library (GMSL)

Next tip in our on going series of Make/Makefile tips is to use the GNU Make Standard Library (GMSL). GMSL supplies the features that you've wanted to use in writing your complex Makefile but could not figure out how to get it done.

The GNU Make Standard Library (GMSL) is a collection of functions implemented using native GNU Make functionality that provide list and string manipulation, integer arithmetic, associative arrays, stacks, and debugging facilities. The GMSL is released under the BSD License.

  • Associative Arrays
  • Integer Arithmetic Functions
  • List Manipulation Functions
  • Logical Operator: AND
  • Logical Operator: NAND
  • Logical Operator: NOR
  • Logical Operator: NOT
  • Logical Operator: OR
  • Logical Operator: XOR
  • Miscellaneous and Debugging Facilities
  • Named Stacks
  • Set Manipulation Function
  • String Manipulation Functions

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  1. Bob,

    In spite of the push over the last decade (or more?) to move more & more stuff into the IDE, I've always been a big fan of makefiles - especially GNU make. As you've indicated before, it is one of the most under-appreciated (and powerful) tools in our industry.

    Anyway, I've used make quite a bit, but somehow never knew about GMSL -- thanks very much for pointing this out.