Sunday, May 10, 2015

Analog Circuit Design Three Volume Collection. 40% off until May 17th less after.

If you do Analog Circuit Design then the three volume set Analog Circuit Design from Linear Technology must be on your bookshelf.

This week Linear Tech released Volume-III of the series Analog Circuit Design, Volume 3 - Design Note Collection. Edited by Bob Dobkin and John Hamburger.

Analog Circuit Design, Volume 3, Design Note Collection is the first effort to bring Linear Technology's Design Notes into one volume. Design Notes were first published over 25 years ago, and after producing more than 500 notes, the genre is still going strong. The teaching designs in this Design Note Collection help bring new designers up to speed and give experienced designers a starting point for even more sophisticated designs. This book has two purposes: to speed designs by presenting finished examples, as well as providing a teaching resource for designers.

The Design Note Collection is a comprehensive volume of applied circuit design solutions, providing refined and practical design techniques. The book includes an extensive power management section, covering switching regulator design, linear regulator design, microprocessor power design, battery management, powering LED lighting, automotive and industrial power design. Other sections span a range of analog design topics, including data conversion, data acquisition, communications interface design, operational amplifier design techniques, filter design, wireless/RF communications and network design.

If purchased from Elsevier, enter discount code ANACIR at checkout for 30% off each of the three volumes and save 40% when you buy the three volumes together. Promotion applies to print and electronic.

Unitl May 17th 2015, Elsevier, has an other discount to save up to 40% when you buy Science and Technology eBooks.