Sunday, March 27, 2011

LightSquared and GPS controversy position statement from the US Government

The US Government run Space-Based Positioning Navigation & Timing National Executive Committee has issues an official statement about potential interference to GPS receivers from the LightSquared, LLC. communications network.

There is quite a purported back story of political intrigue about past heads of the FCC, the White House, the usual problems of politics such as corruption and greed swirling around the net related to GPS being rendered useless by bureaucrats paying back favors verses technically competent people making rational decisions. Due to the fear of lawyers I'll let you do that research for yourself, it is not hard to find.

Sticking to the technical maters the company LightSquared is planing on setting up a new country wide data network, which we sourly need to get AT&T and Verizon out of our lives [Verizon left us without Internet and phone service for a week. My wife tracked down the phone number for the Head Cheese in Washington DC, who said the people giving us repair hassles "will not like hearing from us!", in less than 24 hours a mobile "Tornado Trailer" was supplying us service as the equipment was repaired for the area.], sorry I digress.

LightSquared's plan is to setup 4G-LTE transmitters of thousands of watts in spectrum immediately adjacent to the GPS spectrum.

The fear of those knowledgeable in GPS sensitivities claim that the low cost GPS that most of us have will be blinded by the nearby high power transmitters. It comes down to a lot of power from transmitters close to the receivers on the ground verses picking up the GPS signals from thousands of miles away in space. Which one do you think will win?

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