Saturday, February 20, 2010

Software Quality Assurance Outline

I came a across a short introduction to Software Quality Assurance that is worth skimming if you are new to the field.

Alas the site is abysmal as it is hard to see the document covered by all of the ads, and wants you to register to download the document. In almost all cases when I'm asked to register at a site, I just move along. I have no idea what they want my data for, nor how they plan on securing it, they just don't needed in in my view.

An other almost useful, but abysmal site due to most of the links not working or leading to pay for view sites, is PDFGeni, for example Software Safety Assessment. At least they lists one of the works I was involved with several years ago Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) – ACC -System Safety .... You can find more about that at my hardware site.

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