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Faster than light travel due to lose connectors. Faster than light neutrinos.

Unless your Internet connection has been off or you have just returned from some interdimensional travel, you have probably seen the news about the velocity of Neutrino's exceeding the velocity of Light, Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam, which according to conventional physics is not possible. Followed by CERN et. al. succumbing to the Guardians of Status Quo saying "Oops, it was just a bad connector".

Really? People that are given billions of dollars don't have good connectors? What is wrong with this picture?

When you want to do super accurate time and distance measurements you start to have to worry about obscure things like the Sagnac Effect. While we rarely think about the Earth is a rotating body in space, it makes a difference if you are talking your Atomic Clock for a walk from East to West or West to East. I know the people at CERN are aware of this level of details, but not real world connectors? Something is very wrong here.

More details on the original, now discredited, experiment: Time transfer techniques for the synchronisation between CERN and LNGS, and CERN to Gran Sasso Time Transfer.

Poul-Henning Kamp [PHK Is the author of FreeBSD's 'Time Counter', wrote the following on the Time Nuts list:]:

There are three quantities involved here, and most of the [Media] coverage and quite a lot of physicists overlook that:

1. Speed of neutrinos

2. Speed of photons

3. Constant 'C' From relativity.

Until now the assumption have been that 2 = 3, but this is only an assumption, based on the fact that we had no measurements that said otherwise.

If 1 > 3, as most press-coverage seems to posit, because they forgot the above is an assumption, then both the standard model and relativity is in trouble.

If 3 >= 1 > 2, then only the standard model is in trouble, relativity unaffected.

Do quantum entanglement experiments with photons qualify? Einsteins "Spooky Action at a Distance".

Does any one remember Einstein's said about Aether, particularly his obscure speech Ether and the Theory of Relativity; October 27th, 1920, University of Leyden?

Why are we so quick to always want to cling to theories that appear to work, in only some cases, but not all? Is the establishment so afraid that if they started to consider other newer and much older theories like Dynamic Aether (which has 150 different names in every civilization for millenia) that we would soon have Free Energy and Anti-Gravity (or at least ways to reduce the mass of massive objects?).

As the book Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics, by Nick Herbert, PH.D., tells us, Einstein's theory of special relativity does not rule out faster-than-light (FTL) travel.

A particle like the theoretical Tachyon will always be traveling at faster than the speed of light. By virtue of being born above the speed of light, they are free to travel on to infinite velocity. Their minimum bound is that of the speed of light.

When enough people reach the consensus that Anti-Gravity and Free Energy are not only possible, but here right now, reality itself will transform to match the new consenses...

Gravitational Reflections in Plain English and Cold Stone

The following introduction is from "Gravitational Reflections in Plain English and Cold Stones" by Pierre Charles of Sacramento, CA. It seems fitting to almost all of the information presented in these pages...


I hesitate to discuss the new physics with most of the population, not that I do not want people to know, but because of the built-in opposition from the population's academic training and the possible misuse of this recently rediscovered source of understanding and power. Following close behind is the possible impact on the economic and control systems over the masses.

We are all slaves to this closed system of things to a degree. For example, we now live in a world of great knowledge and power; unfortunately, it is misdirected, so to live in relative comfort we hold an 8 to 5 job, wear clothes, drive cars, eat food all brought to us by others, and live in a house built by others and usually owned by the bank. Net result: both partners must work away from the home to support it. Meanwhile, the government takes back [more than] 50% to support those who cannot or will not work, and, of course, maintain the existing framework. The children spend most of the day being trained by others to fit into the existing framework, etc., etc.

This bring us to the opposition from academic-trained people, most are copies of copies, 10th generation receivers of what is unquestioningly taught as the eternal truth. Most are so far removed from the original information and thoughts that they do not recognize it and they oppose with great tenacity anyone who dares to defy their implanted ideas. This information will also disturb the traditionally religious people; I don't need to expand on the dangers there...

The New Physics:

To Truly grasp the new physics we must keep two things present in our minds:

1) The New Physics is actually a retrieval of the old or ancient physics,

2) The ancient physics encompassed all things; therefore, you must look at all things, you must remove all academic barriers from your present, considerably large body of knowledge and merge this with the eastern and ancient thoughts. If you find yourself laughing or ridiculing, then you will not find the valuable thread of information that you need...

Little remains of the ancient physics but it can be found nevertheless - for it has been preserved, often by those who had little or no true knowledge of the symbols that they considered sacred..."

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