Sunday, January 15, 2012

NASA's video on LENR AKA Cold Fusion.

A video was uncovered a few days ago on NASA's Technology Gateway that seems to be supporting "Cold Fusion": NASA's Method for a Clean Nuclear Energy For Your Power Operated Technology, (which I covered last year: Will Cold Fusion or the solar powered bikini, the iKini, power your next embedded system?). Today Cold Fusion goes by the moniker of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reaction, or simply LENR-CANR, to get away from the political baggage the term Cold Fusion brings. Best to snag a copy of the site before 'They' wake-up...

Actually what I find of most interest is the picture shown at time mark 1:55 from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center. SPAWAR's first papers on Cold Fusion have been listed on my, long neglected, Unusual Research site since 2002. Makes you wonder what does the Navy and NASA really have after ten years of research? It has not been a question of 'if' Cold Fusion works for years, but a question of 'how' it works... Pick up a set of back issues of, the out of print, Wayne Green's Cold Fusion Journal to see where we've been and where we might be headed....

Anyone want to sponsor my trip to the The 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion being held August 12 - 17, 2012, in Daejeon, Korea? :-)


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  2. Sorry to hear that Wayne.

    More on the NASA Cold Fusion issue may be found here: via .