Sunday, December 18, 2011

Will the MBEDDR Project save us from using C?

I came across the MBEDDR Project, last night, that seems like it might have some promise to add modern programming practices, such as Closures, Functional Programming, Modules, and others, to C language based embedded systems.

The MBEDDR Language uses JetBrains' Meta Programming System, which is an open source projectional language, as a compiler for the MBEDDR language, that ultimately produces C code to be compiled with your current C compiler.

I have lots of questions myself on this project at this point, such as how easy will it be to get directives like FLASH (IAR) or PROGMEM (AVR-GCC) in the right place? Will it do the Right Thing with volatile? They are also not sure they will open source all of the code; Will they hold back some needed part (FAQ says they might)? Will the code fit in the parts I want to use? At this point it is worth watching and maybe playing with what is currently avaiable.

The project has released code under the Eclipse Public License 1.0. My June 19, 2010 blog entry, I'm Scared, covers my view of Eclipse. It is not a kind one. With Oracles removing its Java from Linux I can't see things improving in the Java area. Any Java code I've ever tried to use has been slow and buggy.