Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will banning Cell Phones in vehicles cause more crashes? Data supports that...

The National Transportation Safety Board has purposed banning the use of Cell Phones in vehicles; No call, no text, no update behind the wheel: NTSB calls for nationwide ban on PEDs while driving.

Problem here is the existing data says this will make the problem worse, as I explained over a year ago (Wish I could learn to capitalize on such foresight happens to me all the time):

"In the Law of Unintended Consequences the site Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, tells us in their September 28th, 2010 report that, Texting bans don't reduce crashes; effects are slight crash increases because the Texter is trying harder to hide what they are doing, becoming even more distracted." --- Emergency Broadcast Alerts coming to your Cell Phone, baning of Mobile Cell Phones, baning of parental rights...

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