Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Encourage the USPTO to stop issuing software patents; deadline September 27" 2010. Bilski v. Kappos

Readers of the patent section of the Software Safety Website know that Software Patents are bad.

Software Patents stifle innovation and raise the specter of Lawyers showing up.

I generate a lot of code, unfortunately I'm afraid to publish most of it. I'm afraid that I will accidentally stumble into a Software Patent that should have never been implemented in the first place. Anything that raises the specter of lawyers is bad.

With short notice (Deliberately so We The People could not comment and the big company lawyers could?) the United States Patent Office is seeking guidance on how Software Patents should be handled in the future.

The Free Software Foundation has the details of how to submit your comments, which must be in by this Monday Sept. 27th 2010.

When was a Software Patent issued to a little guy or gal like you or I? They all seem to be to the Mega. Corps. that just want to kill competition. The language R++ is a perfect example of this. If Software Patents where in effect as today then the world would not have C++.

Get your comments in now.

All of this came to a head with the Bilski v. Kappos decision in June of 2010.

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