Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maxim make the best parts that no one can ever get. Are you a "stale_member" too?

I was telling someone about the Maxim Integrated  
 MAXREFDES73# reference design a wearable, mobile galvanic skin response (GSR) system.

We were hoping to get a few of them for some parapsychology experiments. When my client asked how much it cost, I tried to log into my Maxim account, established years ago. 

All in all the experience matched that of Maxim's reputation for delivery, that is it won't. :-( 

Says it does not know my email address. When I try to register it (I've had account there for years) it says my email address is already registered and I'm a "stale_member".

Password reset generated a SQL error. So does it know my email address or not?

This is just as bad as the Maxim factory dude walking in to our meeting and saying "I don't make it out here to the Rust Belt very often...", not realizing how insulting that is to those in the area. 

They seem to make the best parts that no one can ever get... :-(  What has been your Maxim experience?

I wonder if that is why TI and Analog Device both just passed on buying them?

Maybe they are up For Sale because ignoring the markets delivery concerns has finally caught up with them?

Even this distributors in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland Market area try to get you to not buy Maxim parts from them, they don't want to hear the delivery complaints...

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