Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Real Time Cyber Attack Map. 'War Games' comes to life

If you wonder why your Internet has been getting slower and slower, it is due to the escalating Cyber War going on.

Norse Corporation, to showcase their technology, now lets us watch the war in real time, just like at the end of the movie War Games:

The Map shows the Attacker, the port they are attacking, and the geophysical location being attacked.

The U.S. and China keep trading places for who is the top attacker.

One of the *Attackers* I find troubling is Merck & Co. in Woodbridge New Jersey. They are attacking the SNMP Port 161, which is used to monitor network connected devices, as 19:57 EDT July 1st 2014.

There are three possibilities here:

1) Merck & Co. is actively doing the attacking. Leading to the question 'Why?'.

2) Their system is compromised, and is being used by a third party to do the attacking.

If it is compromised how do you know that their products and vaccines have not been adulterated by someone with malevolent intent, messing with production line equipment settings or worse?

In their defense let us assume they know better than to have production equipment open to the Internet, and this is some office computer than has been taken over.

3) The mapping technology is flawed.

Going back to possiblity #2:

The Sohdan Device Search Engine shows (for a fee) what devices are found on Internet, that probably should not be, or are open to the public when their owner does not know it, such as Web Cams. Are you sure your own devices are secured?.

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