Sunday, December 16, 2012

What does a new politician have to do?

We all know from watching the news that to be a politician at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Mankind must be the driving force in the politicians life.

Maybe you don't like how the recent election turned out, continuing the Status Quo, and had a fleeting thought of become a politician that could actually do the Will of the People. What does it take to become a new politician beyond money? Did you know there is actually a book about this?:

Setting Course A Congressional Management Guide by the Congressional Management Foundation, and the New Member Resource Center: Helping Members-Elect Successfully Transition to Congress. There is also the Members' Handbook put together with your tax dollars.

Just remember if you have any ethics you need not apply. After all who else gets 67 days of paid vacation a year, and does not have to do their job (pass a budget) and still get paid, and get to vote to raise...

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