Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MARK V Home Computer Alarm Robo-Judge vs Google's 4ft Gator

Today [Nov/14/2012] reading Google's Server Cooling Plan Produces 4ft Alligator and the comments about adding a moat around the facility, reminded me of this classic from Creative Computing Magazine (Sep-Oct 1977). Now, 35 years later, this MARK V Alarm system is almost reality. What is left to do? Do take note of the impressive time marks.

 How'd you like to have a computer like this one:
    * D * A * N * G * E * R  *
        *  D  *  A  *  N *  G  * E * R *

I, the MARK V Home Computer Alarm, detect a suspicious looking individual attempting to force entry into the building.

Commencing Intruder Log:
18:33:47.023  Front door breached.
18:34:54.543  Photocell Checkpoint Alpha passed.
18:36:06.105  Weight of 97 kilograms detected on first stair-step.
18:37:22.133  Intruder on  landing; digital photograph taken.
18:37:22.345  Photograph stored and processed: analysis indicates White Anglo Saxon Catholic male with a scar above the left eye and a slight lisp.
18:37:22.665  Photograph dispatched via telesat to interpol.
18:37:22.982  Interpol returned id as "Greg Heiss," known computer thief  and Arlingtonite.
18:37:22.995  Energize defense system.
18:37:23.442  Target on fifth step of second tier.
18:37:23.445  Defense system ready.
18:37:25.045  Target at top of stairs. Lock on 50 megawatt laser.
18:37:25.050  Laser locked on. Query supreme court Robo-Judge for permission to terminate life of intruder.
18:37:25.052  Permission granted and verified.
18:37:25.053  ======  Z  A   P  ======
18:37:25.054  Switch air recirculation system to High Clean.
18:37:25.100  Notify building engineering office of repairs needed to front door and rear wall over stairs.
18:37:25.125  Reset alarm system.
18:37:25.143  Terminate Intruder Log.
       MARK V, ready.

[Alas they confuse Weight with Mass. Killiograms are a unit of Mass. Sigh.]

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