Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is (415) 762-1722 bothering you too?

Today [Oct/24/2012] I got this email transcribed by Google Voice::

New voicemail from (415) 762-1722 at 3:01 PM

Hey, it's me. Please speak with a Mr. Bob Paddock Hello, yo. Hello.

I'm sorry but I don't know anyone named 'Me' and no one I want to talk to would have ever called this number! I've never used the number, I've never given my Google Voice number to anyone.

Two weeks ago this same number started calling my Cell Phone. There are only five people that I've given my Cell Phone number to, and I'm sure 'Me' was not one of the five.

A Google Search shows lots of people are being hassled by this number. A few seem to think it has to do with Trade Magazines. I get several as those as many of us do. Those calls are also annoying to the point I put the number from the opening scene of the Matrix down. How many times in a year are you going to hassles me about renewing? If I want the magazine I already renewed on line. Why do you call and ask me to renew a magazine that I do not currently subscribe to and do not want?

Anyway back to (415) 762-1722, maybe there is a lawyer out there that wants to start a class action suite for all of those ticked off at this phone number interrupting us, multiple times a day?

Please join me in filling a complaint with Federal Trade Commission to put an end to calls from this number. You need to register the number that you are being hassled at on the Do Not Call list, that these people are ignoring (what would you expect from the Government?).

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