Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vector Potential Communication System: Revolutionary change to the world's Communications Systems

I heard from Robert Zimmerman and Dr. Ted Anderson both today. They were both the subject of my blog entry, Transmission and Reception of Longitudinally-Polarized Momentum Waves By Robert K. Zimmerman. See that article on the background of this new technology, as I'm not going to repeat it here; This all comes down to things I've covered in the past, Aharanov-Bohm Effect (Physics), Poynting Vector (Mathematics), Scalar Waves (Pseudoscience), Inert Gas, J.H.Rogers etc. Wanted to get this information out to you before it is 'lost' again...

Robert said that the fee has been paid to the patent office on his Vector Potential Communication System (Do ignore that picture of a dish pointed at the sky, that is not how this technology works), and the patent is about to be issued. Robert also said there would be a follow up to the article he did last year coming out in an new issue of QEX this year.

  • Exploits untapped frequency bands for transmission
  • Significantly reduces power consumption, especially at the transmitter, saving energy
  • Increases flexibility for user and allows them to control range and power at the receiver
  • Enhances stealth capabilities as the signal cannot be detected by conventional antennas

Dr. Ted passed on information about his book on Plasma Antennas, which are also important to Vector Potential Communication Systems:

If no one slaps a national security order or some other catastrophic event happens (they have before) this is a world changing event when this technology is commercialized.

Consider that maybe no one has found 'ET' in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence because they, and the military, have been using this technology all along...

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