Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is there any training on "Software Safety" available?

I was recently asked if there was any specific training or certification on the topic of Software Safety.

Sadly my answer is I don't think so. I've seen some training specific to DO-178B, some related to FDA device compliance, and an occasional course at the MISRA office in the UK.

Part of the problem is defining what exactly do we mean by "Software Safety", as it always depends on the context. My simple working definition is that I never have to tell a person to "just push the reset button" or "you must reboot to recover". Do you really want to push the reset button on your defibrillator?

It also always must be kept in mind that even if the software is safe, it is still part of a system as a whole. If the system as a whole is unsafe, then having perfect software will not make a safe system.

Michael Barr at Netrino does offer Critical Software Safeguards Course: Lint and MISRA-C, for the Embedded space.

Jack Ganssle also offers his How to Develop Better Firmware Faster, one day class, again for the Embedded Space.

Do you know of any courses that would be relevant? If someone put together such a course what should be in it?