Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anyone want to buy my Small-C Handbook collection?

My wife and I keep working at downsizing our home. We are tired of having our lives determined by "stuff". Move it from 'there' to 'here', spend time to inventory, dust it, move it back, etc. All of which takes time from our goals in Life.

[The Small-C book set below has found a new home, so they are no longer available.]

Anyway if anyone wants the following set of books I'll send them to whomever wants to pay for their shipping. I'll only ship to the Continental US, sorry. About five pounds shipping weight.
I just can't bring myself to toss this in the trash as they are still good teaching tools, and Jim Hendrix says Small-C is still being ported to devices to this day.
  • The Small-C Handbook by James E. Hendrix.
  • Small-Mac User's Manual for CP/M Release 1.2.
  • Small-Tools User's Manual for CP/M and MS/PC-DOS Release 1.2.
  • Dr. Dobb's Handbook of C. 700+ page hardback in like new condition.
  • Dr. Dobb's Journal A small C Compiler for the 8080's and Runtime Library for the Small C Compiler by Ron Cain. Reprint, with permission, from the May and September, 1980 issues of Dr. Dobb's Journal.
While I'm in a selling mood, if anyone wants to acquire the domain name for any dsPIC projects send me an email. Don't really use it, and it is just more "stuff" that needs maintenance once in a while.

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