Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Software Safety - Where's the Evidence?" Tuesday April 5th, 2011

Anyone up for Road Trip to London this spring? Safety-Critical Systems Club is sponsoring Software Safety – Wheres the Evidence:

Demonstrating system safety is difficult at the best of times. When software is involved, it often seems impossible. What constitutes evidence? From what sources can it be obtained? How much is enough? These questions, and others, are often asked, but so far the answers have been vague.

This workshop will discuss software reliability and safety. The purpose is to identify the current state of the art, the principal questions that need to be addressed, and the difficulties to be overcome in addressing them.

The workshop will examine many sources of safety evidence, including design and production; testing, deployment and assessment; and operational use. It will consider many kinds of evidence, such as analyses of products at various stages of development, results of product use (in testing and operation), data about the processes used to develop the product, and even legal and contractual evidence.

It is hoped that this workshop will lead to a continuing discussion on software reliability and safety . at subsequent workshops, in the Safety Systems Newsletter, and in other media.

The event is limited to forty people so sign up early.

Cost is around $400 USD in today's, Jan 29 2011, Pounds to Dollars exchange rate, room and travel is not included in that price.

Anyone know of any similar Software Safety Clubs here in the US? There are a few Firmware groups around such as Firmware Engineers of Northeast Ohio, not specifically focused on Software Safety. By the way there was related group created on LinkedIn for Firmware Recruiters. Leave a comment if you know of any related groups.

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