Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meta State Machine Polygons of the Boost Book

I have mentioned the book Introduction to The Boost C++ Libraries by Boris Schäling here in the past.  The book is now available in three languages Chinese from the work of Albert Lai and his team of translators, in English and the original in German.

While on the subject of the Boost C++ Libraries, I want to mention that the new release, version 1.44, has added two new libraries:

  • Meta State Machine: High-performance expressive UML2 finite state machines, from Christophe Henry.
  • Polygon: Booleans/clipping, resizing/offsetting and more for planar polygons with integral coordinates, from Lucanus Simonson.

The MSM/UML library looks interest for doing some embedded code, while the Polygon library might be the start of a new circuit board layout program.

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