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Alternative Energy Government Funding Seminar in Youngstown on July 8th 2010

Alternative Energy Government Funding Seminar in Youngstown on July 8th

If you happen to be in the Youngstown Ohio area on July 8th 2010, you might want to stop into the seminar being giving on how to get grants from the Government for your high-tech start-up adventure:

"Show Me the Money! Obtaining Government Funds for High-Tech Start-Ups and Small Businesses. Learn innovative ways to pursue pgovernment funding, new rules on earmarks and how they affect small businesses, legislative opportunities to advance your organization, and what agencies are looking for in grant applications."

While I personally would like to see such pork gone, so that we all end up with lower taxes, we might as well take advantage of the supposedly "free" money ("free" in the Orwellian sense that it was taken by force from you and I in the form of taxes), to take advantage of the programs offered, until we can vote their creators out of office.

While in the area you might want to stop by Youngstown State University. YSU recently held their 2010 Sustainable Energy Forum. The areas leaders are hoping to invent a "Tech. Belt", 134 miles long from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. They see Sustainable Energy as a key component. After all when you stop to think about, the key to survival at any level of abstraction is energy, right down to the energy we each get from our food.

They covered the usual suspects:

  • Biofuels
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fuel Cells and Electric Vehicles
  • General Topics: Liquid Fuels, Advanced Material, etc.
  • Landfill / Digester Gas
  • Wind and Solar

Alas world changing ideas don't come from the mainstream, but from the obscure people working in their workshops, working on ideas that many say would not work at all, ever. Our own industry is a good example. Fellow from IBM once said that there was only the need for a few computers world wide, ever. Unil a few people working in garages and such started to play with the first microprocessors, and we all know how that turned out.

To see what is happening in the fridges of Science take a look at the 17th annual Natural Philosophy Alliance conference recently held in Long Beach California.

The fancy official abstracts can be found here, while a clear summarized version is found here. Click on the icon of the 'glasses' to down load the papers; not real intuitive.

You can get the Conference Proceedings, 650 Pages, to see what is happening on the bleeding edge of Wired Science.

Is all of that valid, not at all likely, will something there change the world, maybe it just might... Our Consensus Reality is made up of what we believe is possible...

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