Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maxim Infusion Pump Design Application Note

To continue what seems to be turning in to a series on Infusion Pumps, Maxim has just released (May/10th/2010) Application Note 4675 Important considerations for insulin pump and portable medical designs by John Mossman.

"Abstract: This tutorial discusses critical considerations requiring attention when designing an insulin pump, including FDA regulation, form-factor requirements, and power-budget constraints. It also provides summary coverage of self-testing, flow sensing, alarms, and electrostatic-discharge variables."

The App. Note gives a good high-level description of what kind of hardware needs to go into an Infusion Pump design. Weak in the area of firmware.

Past blogs about Infusion Pumps:

What has been your experience with Maxim's delivery performance? I've worked in two companies where designing in Maxim parts is outright banned, because of them not delivering parts on schedule, consistently. To bad, as on paper Maxim makes some parts that would really be useful in designs.

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