Sunday, April 18, 2010

Electromagnetic Energy Grand Challenge. Mr. Fusion has not been invented yet to replace your battery, maybe soon?

Almost daily I have to tell people that Mr. Fusion has not been invented yet, as people add massive displays, GPS modules, 1W radios, to a product that never increases in size nor gets a larger battery to run all of these new features.

Jeane Manning, author of several books in the area of Free Energy,  has posted on her blog an open letter from Dr Fred B. Wood; Dr. Wood is formerly Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Communications, Culture, and Technology Program; Senior Associate, US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment; and Research Scientist, The George Washington University Program of Policy Studies in Science and Technology.

Dr. Wood's letter to the White House cites some of the pioneering works by people that are virtually forgotten and unknown today, in the hopes of convincing 'Them' to spend our tax dollars on Electromagnetic Energy Research.

To  one of the points in Dr. Wood's letter, always be suspect when someone cites Bearden. His older works, say before 1983, are worth a read, few of which are on the Web. Don't waste your time on the stuff after that.

I'd also add James H. Rogers work to the 'Grand Challenge' list of things to investigate. Rogers work is known by a few other names and related research such as the Aharanov-Bohm Effect (Physics), Poynting Vector (Mathematics), Scalar Waves (Pseudoscience). The differences comes down to issues of geometry but I've not got my head wrapped around all of that yet.

Finally note that "Cold Fusion" has never died, it has only been renamed.

Let me know where to pick up my new Mr. Fusion please...

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