Friday, March 27, 2009

Software Safety blog reader Michael Barr has a new article Bug-killing standards for firmware coding on, where he discusses "Ten bug-killing rules" Michael also has his own blog.

There is also an interesting discussion going on in the comments section related to the article.

I even added a comment of my own:

Dale Shpak wrote:

" I have debugged millions of lines of code and have encountered the following type of error many times:

while (condition);


/* Execute conditional code */


If you put this in your .emacs file:

(global-cwarn-mode 1)

Errors such as "if(condition);" and "while(condition);", as well as "if( x = 0 )" type errors are highlighted.

No need to use the One True Brace style when you are using the One True Editor... :-)

Also MISRA 21.1(a)/2004 requires the use of static analysis tools, that would never allow the passage of an always executing "conditional".

MISRA doesn't say much about style. It does say braces will always be used. I say that they should clearly show the nesting. Path coverage testing is hard enough without playing "find the matching brace" (EMACS helps out here too).

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